Nanotechnology for high school students

Aparajita Mohanty

Earlier it was believed that Nanotechnology should be taught as an additional subject to physics and chemistry, but with its growing applications which encompasses almost all field of science, it is now necessary to introduce this as a separate subject in the High school and undergraduate programs. Many schools and universities have already started introductory nanotechnology in high school level.

Many universities across the world are now offering undergraduate, graduate and research programs in nanotechnology. So it’s important to prepare the high school students with the fundamentals of nanotechnology and its applications, to be able to take up higher studies in the field. It’s essential now to integrate nanotechnology in the school curriculum and design academic program in a way to provide them with the skills to be involved in future nanotechnology work force. To fulfill this demand, many nanotechnologists, researchers and industries are coming together to share ideas, information and experiences through various workshops, journals, websites etc. As the technology is evolving and growing day by day, it is a difficult process for the instructors to create a proper resource to impart knowledge about it.

Many industries are now taking a step forward by designing a proper guidance for the educators as well as the students by designing curriculum materials and professional development opportunities in order to enhance their skills in the field of nanotechnology. There are plenty of resources available on line, but its highly essential to have enough experience to be able to effectively use these contents available. So it’s advisable to avail the opportunities created by some of the major nanotechnology based industries, which are continuously working with their highly professional and experienced team to educate students by taking a practical approach to make them familiar with the promise it holds. Furthermore, attending nanotechnology workshops and availing their education materials will also help the students to open up to the enormous future scope of nanotechnology. It will certainly help the field of nanotechnology to thrive by creating more and more numbers of skilled professionals and enrich the research teams across the globe who are devoted towards the improvisation of Nanoscience.

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