An Insight to Mental Health Problems

Aparajita Mohanty

Mental health problems are one of the growing health concern across the globe.  This is considered as one of the main cause of the overall disease burden worldwide. Mental illness and behavioral disorder are believed to be the primary drivers of disability. Studies shows that metal illness will affect 25 percent of the population in recent years. So it is important for us to understand the disease and the symptoms associated with it.

Mental illness is a health condition which affects person`s thought process, their feeling and their behavior. It also alters their mental functioning and affects them at physical level in a more serious case. Individuals with mild illness do not exhibit any physical sign, however in some cases explicit physical signs are displayed.

It’s a very normal human behavior to feel happy at good times and to feel sad at difficult situations. It’s equally normal to express anger, anxiety or fear while dealing with complex situations. It’s of foremost importance to understand a good mental health does not necessarily mean that one should be happy at all times.  A good mental health is about recognizing different emotions and expressing feelings that corresponds to a particular situation.

Mental illness can affect to a wide variety of people. Many successful people across various fields of life have been reported to have symptoms of mental illness. However, the impact is strictly restricted to individual characteristics and lifestyle. It is always difficult to quantify and measure mental illness. It is often accompanied by the feeling of shame and loneliness. The severity of the problem can only be presumed by closely examining the impact it has on one’s life.

Mental illness can negatively impact a person’s ability to focus, their performance, their social life as well as their physical health. The consequences of mental diseases are equally serious as physical illness. However, it does not receive equal attention as physical illness, due to its elusive nature and difficulties in comprehending the symptoms. The most frustrating thing is there is no obvious cure for this and people usually feel that their condition is not acknowledged.

Some common forms of mental illness are-

  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Self-harm
  • Depression
  • Eating disorder


There is a strong stigma associated with mental health. People dealing with mental health problems often face discrimination in various aspects of their lives. This can worsen their situation. People who suffers from mental health problems, if get help early on can manage to overcome it fully. So it necessary to raise awareness about the problem and present the facts and correct aspects of the illness to the society. It’s equally important to encourage people to openly discuss about it.  To be able to help people suffering with mental illness to successfully deal with it, it is important to take a non-judgemental approach towards them and show respect to their viewpoint.  This will encourage them to seek help and treatment which in order will help them to lead a happy fulfilled life.


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