The idea behind creating content is to empower the readers. The greatness of the content is directly proportional to the impact it has on the reader’s life.


After completing my higher studies (Research Degree) in Nanotechnology from Newcastle University, UK, I realised there is a huge gap between the research and development in the field of Nanotechnology and information that flows to the general public. To gain a momentum in the process of commercialising this technology, there is a need to empower the public and the Industry sector about the potential it holds to impact the future in the most innovative way.

Realising this need and having a flair for writing since childhood, I decided to share my knowledge and information about nano-technology by article writing in newspaper. Considering my educational background and work experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, I started getting opportunities to write in those fields as well.


I started working as a Nanotech Consultant. And with the appreciation I received for my articles from various imminent sources, I felt the necessity to have my own blogging site to be able to write independently.

I joined a Bangalore based company as a Business Development Professional. Around this time, I united with many others from a variety of background with the similar interest to form a team of bloggers as a result of which BOLSTERVIEW website came in to the shape.


I quit my job and moved to Aberdeen. To be able to devote my time effectively towards my passion, I decided to work as a solopreneur, with occasional association with other consultants, to help the start-up Nanotechnology industry with their overall business development activities.

With my earlier experience as a Nanotechnology consultant and Business Development professional I also started BOLSTERVIEW NANOTECH CONSULTANCY at the same time converting the bolsterview.com to a multidisciplinary blogging site.


Aparajita Mohanty

Managing Director




Aparajita Mohanty



Ansuman Mohanty

Team Member/Blogger


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Team Member/Blogger

Aparajita Mohanty- Director, Bolsterview Nanotech Consultancy, Blogger

Ansuman Mohanty-  Business Development professional, Tech. Mahindra, India, Blogger